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Your challenge is:

  • Entering new domains of Data Science, Software Development and Integration

  • To ensure sufficient capacity for development
  • How to execute and make progress according to plan

Join our Co-development Program:

Add software, Data Science and Integration expertise to your team

Ensure sufficient expertise and capacity in your project in new territories like data science, software development and integration with your existing product and infrastructure.

With almost two decades of experience of supporting large industrial companies in the digital age. No vague consultancy and an endless amount power points slides. But concrete deliverables with deadlines and controllable costs. Combing deep engineering knowledge, data science expertise and IT and software experience in complex industrial infrastructures.

Predictive Maintenance Machinery

Faster time to market with Agile Development

Control your Costs with UReason’s Co-Development Program

  • Use 2-week sprints with concrete deliverables like prototypes, demo’s

  • Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test both with selected customers and for internal reviews.
  • Create cross functional teams by  combining Engineering, Data Science, IT and Software Development expertise with the teams of the OEM.

Building Blocks for Fast Development

UReason’s Unique Charateristics to OEM’s

Domain expert on Equipment


UReason has a library of digital smart equipment like pumps, valves, actuators, compressors, flow meters, motors and all other most used assets.

Multi-level deployment including embedded

APM Studio can run in the cloud, on premise and even embedded on a chip. This uniqueniess can enable to collect high frequency data for your equipment.

Capture your own expertise for analytical models with live data

Your expertise is being digitalized and used in analytical models to be able to run this on real time data streams.

APM Studio: Combining AI & Engineering Expertise

FOCUS-ON Case Study

FOCUS-ON is the joint-venture of SAMSON and KROHNE. Both frontrunners have combined forces to launch Focus 1. A smart combination of a control valve and a flow meter.

With the support of UReason and Ureason’s APM Studio they were able to accelerate the development process of building an unique product with an integration of (embedded) diagnostic functions and artificial intelligence.


"With FOCUS-ON, we are taking a decisive step towards the autonomous factory that can produce autonomous while also autonomously optimizing.”
APM Studio at a glance 
APM open Asset Performance Management Software
APM Studio Software APM 2

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