Join the Predictive Maintenance revolution

Thanks to Predictive Maintenance – part of UReason’s APM software – the risk of unplanned downtime and business threatening calamities is significantly minimized, making it a must-have for any company that relies heavily on advanced equipment.

It’s time to revolutionize your assets.

Predictive Maintenance

A unique hybrid approach

Predictive Maintenance, the scheduling of asset maintenance based on indications from different systems, revolves around applying predictive models so maintenance can be based on asset condition, asset usage, asset failure modes, and asset failures.

At UReason, we’ve developed a unique hybrid approach to extract, process, clean and analyze the historical and real-time raw asset data that is necessary for the development and application of predictive maintenance models. Good to know: our data analysis results have a proven accuracy of more than 90%.

Predictive Maintenance using Big Data Analytics

How to start?

Data scan

1. Data Scan

A one-day program in which we together determine asset focus and data availability in order to ascertain whether a Predictive Maintenance Program is feasible.

proof of value

2. Proof of Value

We collectively determine if a so-called proof of value can be made. A POV consists of a working example of the APM solution, allowing us to evaluate the business case.


3. Implementation

If the proof of value has turned out to be a success, we’ll work with you to roll out the predictive maintenance program(s) in your facilities.

Level up with UReason

On which level is your company or organization in the Predictive Maintenance Maturity Matrix?

To get the maximum out of Predictive Maintenance your company or organization should be on level 4. This is where there’s enough data available for our APM software to derive the most accurate and reliable predictions about the performance of your assets through machine learning and data analytics. We can bring your company or organization to level 4. Feel free to contact us for advice and/or more information on leveling up.

PdM Maturity Matrix

From Predictive to Prescriptive
As you might expect from the leader in the field of next-generation asset performance management software, we’re the first to reach level 5, turning Predictive Maintenance into Prescriptive Maintenance. Here, by leveraging the power of machine learning, Internet of Things and big data analytics, our APM software can produce ever-evolving outcome-focused recommendations for operations and maintenance on top of predicting asset performance. One of the main features of Prescriptive Maintenance is chatbot-technology that interacts with the service engineers on the floor.

System Intelligence

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