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In today’s world, Equipment Vendors or OEMs, experience more (price) competition than ever due to Asset Owners’ continuous effort to reduce their capital expenditure and, as a result, turn to lower-cost alternatives from other regions.  

At the same time, Asset Owners, require a machine or device that will provide them with more insights and is easy to integrate into their infrastructure.  

To meet higher expectations and confront price pressure, Equipment Vendors, are driven to offer more smart equipment, devices and related services.

Predictive Maintenance Machinery
Asset Performance Management software

UReason’s Unique Software for Smart Equipment

1) APM Studio Software

  • Multi-Level Deployment; Chip, Edge, Cloud 
  • Analytical Models: ML & AI, Rule Bases, Statical, …
  • Scalability: Manage 1000s of assets on edge and cloud level by using one scalable template
  • Software and Application life cycle management  
  • Able to connect to Edge

2) Data Analysis Support

  • Model development
  • Digitalize expert knowledge into algorithms
  • Support data collection campaigns; pilot and on-site

3) Library of digital equipment

  • UReason has a library of digital smart equipment like pumps, valves, actuators, compressors, flow meters, motors and all other most used assets.
  •  Possibility of creating a digital twin of your asset base.

FOCUS-ON Case Study

FOCUS-ON is the joint-venture of SAMSON and KROHNE. Both frontrunners have combined forces to launch Focus 1. A smart combination of a control valve and a flow meter.

With the support of UReason and Ureason’s APM Studio, they were able to accelerate the development process of building a unique product with the integration of (embedded) diagnostic functions and artificial intelligence.


"With FOCUS-ON, we are taking a decisive step towards the autonomous factory that can produce autonomous while also autonomously optimizing.”
FOCUS-ON case study
Asset Performance Management Software

Are these your challenges?

  • Entering new domains of Data Science and Software Development
  • Integration of asset data to the cloud
  • Developing connected devices
  • Ensure sufficient capacity for development 
  • Executing and making progress according to plan 

How we could support you:

Building Blocks for Fast Development

1. Data capture

3. Building the business case

5. Set-up cloud offering

Capture data
Business case
On Cloud
Model Building

2. Model building

4. Connection to existing IT infrastructure

Realizing a faster time to market

UReason's Co-Development Program:

  • Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test with selected customers and demonstration
  • Use the different building blocks from our software to drastically reduce your time to market  
  • Benefit from our experience on how to vertically integration data, information, and insights from the device to the execution level 
  • Create cross-functional teams by  combining Engineering, Data Science, IT, and Software Development expertise with the teams of the OEM
  • Use 2-week sprints with concrete deliverables like prototypes, demo’s 
OEMs Co-development program

APM Studio at a glance

Move the middle arrows to discover the capabilities of our software.

APM open New bowtie
APM Studio Software APM 2

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