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How well do you know your valves and when to act?

Control Valves are critical components in the process industry. And yet, these are often not monitored. With a scarcity of trained engineers, this becomes even more critical.

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Managing your valves will create high value​

For Maintenance, Reliability and Operations, at least 5 sources of value are created by managing your control valves. The easy-to-use Valve App provides more actionable insights and benchmarking for more process control.

  • Reduce Energy / Product Losses
  • Accurate Investment Planning
  • Maintenance Planning for Shutdowns
  • Reduce on-site Inspections
  • Lower Risks due to early warnings
Digital twin of a valve in the Valve App showing the real-time asset health and efficiency

Valve App for more process control

The easy-to-use Valve App provides more actionable insights and benchmarking for more process control.

  • Plug and Play
  • Supports Air/Electrical Actuators
  • Provides Actionable insights​
  • Generates Work Orders/Inspection Reports
  • Benchmarks Valve Performance

All about the Control Valve App in one brochure

Get to know our intelligent but easy solution that improves your valve maintenance and operations processes.

Valve App can integrate with many platforms and data sources

The Valve App is easy to integrate

The UReason Valve supports many valve brands and is brand agnostic. It is easy to integrate in many data platforms and CMMS and connects to many data sources.

The Control Valve App offers more (continuous) insights, asset-based benchmarking and is integrated into a CMMS as opposed to traditional process control systems and loop tuning solutions.
Asset management perspective:
  • Determining the Remaining Useful Life of the asset (valve and actuator) resulting into superior maintenance and CAPEX planning.
  • Continuous insights in the asset’s health providing a fast response time and ability to move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies.
  • An automatic connection to CMMS creating automated work processes.
Reliability management perspective:
  • Multiple detailed (graphical) insights on valve behavior which provides deep understanding.
  • Models for root-cause analysis of the dysfunctions.
  • Benchmarking over the total asset base.
Operations perspective:
  • Additional insights for product/energy loss.

Facts About Control Valve App



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Valve App Basic

Based on batch data and automated monthly reporting (pdf), starts at

€8 per valve/month
  • Valve Health Status
  • Failure Detection
  • Benchmarking of your assets

Valve App Premium

Based on historical or streaming data (cloud) and integration in CMMS/ERP systems (REST API), starts at

€12 per valve/month
  • All basic features
  • Streaming Data Connection
  • Automated Work-Orders
  • Live Dashboards

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Valve App

What brand and type of valves and actuators are supported?

UReason supports all brands: air, electrical and electro-hydraulic actuators in combination with globe, needle, and gate valves. We also support most butterfly valves.

What data is needed for the Valve App?

Setpoint and Output (Valve position) of the controller of the control valves. If position feedback is not available, additional data on controlled measurement flow/level/pressure/temperature and environment is needed​.

What meta data of the valves/actuators is needed?

Actuator and valve  (model and make) and installation dates. If not available, we need to create an asset inventory. ​

How much data do I need to provide​?

For the basic version, you can provide up to one month of data. We recommend a minimum of one week of continuous data​.

How do you generate a work-order in the CMMS?

The valve app provides a REST Server that will list/provide the recommendations/orders for your assets. You can easily integrate this with your CMMS – IFS/Ultimo/SAP/MAXIMO/Upkeep.  All have a capability to interface to our REST Server and have REST-APIs to generate work-orders for the functional items. We can also connect with most of the own build CMMS,  please contact us for the details.

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