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4 secrets to make smart devices work successfully in Industry!

Joint webinar - UReason + FOCUS-ON




11:00-12:00 (CET)



How to make smart devices successful?

We will explain you why we made FOCUS-1 and what our development philosophy is. We will take you along the path of how we integrated a multi sensor platform into a pneumatic control valve and made it robust, simple to use and IOT4.0 ready.

The total integrated device, the FOCUS-1 the smart control valve, provides the user the possibility to use a whole new control philosophy while being timely informed about dysfunctions and improper usage. This would never have been possible without co-development. 

For this FOCUS-ON worked closely together with UReason to bring their software, APM-Studio, onboard the device. APM-Studio, in the software heart of FOCUS-1, provides the diagnostic, prognostic and advanced control functions to the FOCUS-1 customers allowing them to ‘cruise’ in the most optimal way.

Points covered in the first 45 minutes: 

  • How we have embraced co-development;
  • Why you should embed intelligence at the device;
  • Why autonomy must be the design principle; and
  • How you can change the status quo in asset management.

The webinar session is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session 

Is the date or time not suitable for you? Then register anyway. If you do not participate we will send you the recording and presentation afterwards.

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Jules Founder UReason, predictive maintenance
Jules Oudmans

Director Consultancy


FOCUS-ON Joint webinar
Eelco Van Harten

Innovation Manager