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Technohub data analytics workshop
Event 11/23/2021

Workshop – Data Exploration and Analytics

In this 2 hour workshop, we will do a hands-on exploration and analysis of the data from a steam turbine that produces energy for households and industry.

Historical and real-time asset data used to make maintenance more predictable
Event 10/08/2021

Workshop – Data Exploration and Analytics

We show you how to get from raw data to valuable insights with the help of commonly used data analytics tools, which include Python and Jupyter notebooks. 

Automation with Cobots
Event 08/09/2021

Automation with Cobots!

On Friday, September 10,  2021, the TechnoHUB will again organise a new inspiring afternoon in which you can get to know cobots in more detail.

Technohub workshop. Data exploration and analytics of the XCaliber Flow Loop
Event 06/25/2021

Hands-on Workshop: Data Analytics

We take you through a number of practical case studies in various domains, where the analysis of data has led to improvements in processes and systems.

Asset performance 4.0 industry for predictive and condition based maintenance
Event 03/17/2020

UReason at Asset Performance 4.0 | Ghent, Belgium

UReason will be attending the Asset Performance 4.0 International Conference & Exhibition on 15-17 September 2020!