Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions

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Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions

Why is Citizen Data Science a driver for better IoT and CEP solutions using Operational Intelligence?

It’s interesting to see how emerging technology has changed in just 5 years. Specifically the term ‘Citizen Data Scientist’, a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics, has become an Innovation Trigger (more on this by Gartner and Forbes).

Why is this happening?

As more and more businesses demand productivity and response time improvements by gathering insights from their own data, their employees will become Citizen Data Scientists by default. Unfortunately, traditional BI, analytics and CEP tools of the last decade have made it difficult for such users to work directly with their own data especially in real-time (also see our recent blog post on this).

IoT solutions are inherently designed to react to ongoing live data streams. A typical IoT solution is providing Strategic Intelligence, i.e. ‘What is Happening?’, ‘Why did it happen?’

For example: A Sensor has detected a fault, a response is required…

How can we improve IoT and CEP solutions to deliver high business value?

Our newly appointed Citizen Data Scientists must be supported by ‘Operational Intelligence’, a category of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into data, streaming events and business operations. A business can then have the confidence to ask their employees ‘What is happening now?’, ‘What will happen?’.

Delivering Operational Intelligence demands new tools and solutions using better analytics, especially connecting Machine Learning techniques on live event and data steams to enable Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics.


Descriptive & diagnostic analytics - Predictive and prescriptive analytics

UReason is Uniquely Positioned

UReason has over two decades of experience in designing, implementing, testing and deploying Strategic and Operational Intelligence solutions across many vertical markets. We have practical experience in delivering software and solutions utilizing expert systems, data fusion, machine learning, complex event processing, topological and mathematical modelling connected to live data streams. UReason can support you in deploying bespoke Strategic and Operational Intelligence solutions tailored to deliver high business value for your newly appointed Citizen Data Scientists.

If you want to find out how UReason can help you in improving your strategic and operational intelligence, feel free to download our ebook.

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