Creating Asset Insights in Minutes

Maximise asset performance, minimise asset costs

The Power of Visualization

UReason’s field of operation is real time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, working to help customers gain insights from data from their assets and processes. The team at UReason combines domain knowledge and expertise with software to help customers go from data to solutions. 

Our software, APM Studio, is used at different levels in the automation pyramid. 

In this webinar, Jules Oudmans exhibited how you can easily set-up dashboards in APM Studio that provide valuable insights. APM Studio has a number of powerful widgets that allow you to quickly visualise data and create interactive dashboard for your users, conforming to modern UI standards. 

With APM Studio you can set-up monitoring of assets easily and in minutes. In a similar graphical low-code fashion you can also set-up real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions informing/actively assisting your field personnel.

Watch the snippet below, in which Jules’ uses his office setup to show what APM Studio can do for your assets. APM Studio can detect irregularities in the data such as table tapping and table movement leading to an alarm activation. Of course, this is just an example of what APM Studio can do with your real assets.



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