Edge Computing: Why should you care?

Maximise asset performance, minimise asset costs







What can Edge computing do for you?

In this webinar we explain what Edge computing is and how it can help you in your Asset Performance Management programs.

Edge computing is computing that can be at or near the source of the data from your assets and enables you to perform real-time analysis on the asset data near the assets, instead of relying on on-premise or cloud compute infrastructure at a data centre. 

Edge computing will not replace on-premise compute or cloud compute but helps you to do the heavy lifting and real-time analysis of data near the data source of the data.

We believe Edge computing is valuable for both Asset Owners and Equipment Manufacturers to realise Asset Performance Management solutions and applications. 

In the first 30 minutes, we discuss:

  • What Edge computing is
  • How Edge computing can help you to unleash the value of data from your assets
  • How Edge relates to the RAMI Model and the Open Industry 4.0 alliance work

The webinar session is followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

Missed the webinar? Get access to the full replay to watch whenever suits you best.

“UReason has shown us how to use and harness the power of Edge compute to run real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance algorithms in APM Studio very close to the asset. This enabled us to provide new service offerings to our customers that support our customers to prevent unplanned downtime.”

Product Owner, Industry Equipment Manufacturer.

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