FHI Data Science online meeting

UReason and Viqtor Davis discussed AI embedded in your devices for diagnosing and preventing problems

Effective use of AI at OEMs and production companies

Interaction between branches: Data Science

During this online meeting, experts from UReason and Viqtor Davis discussed the use of data science, AI in industry, laboratories, and healthcare.

In this session, we looked back on the past of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and show you what is now possible: artificial intelligence embedded in your devices for diagnosing and preventing problems, as well as supporting field personnel.


Jules Oudmans  from UReason outlined how we have acquired more knowledge and power in the devices used in the industry, leading to the ability to unlock more data from assets.

Through these technological advances, we are moving towards a world of smarter machines. Data Scientists analyse asset/production data and create valuable insights and models that can:​

  • Predict failures​
  • Classify functional degradations​
  • Identify energy losses​
  • They may use a variety of analysis tools, which have become more accessible in price and ease of use.

Through practical examples, we illustrated the way in which AI can be used effectively in Industrial Automation environments (IA). In addition, we discuss the progress that the field of AI has experienced in recent decades, and what this means for your organisation.

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