How Creating a Digital Twin Helps Plants Run Better - Webinar

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Date:  15th September 2022      Time: 15:30-16:00 (CEST)         Location: Online

Join us in our next (free) webinar to learn about Digital Twins and to apply Digital Twins in the world of Data Driven Maintenance!

In only 30 minutes, Jules Oudmans will show what use cases can effectively be solved with Digital Twin technology and how to successfully realise such cases to help your process or plant run better.

Points covered in this webinar: 

  • Types of Digital Twins
  • Elements of a Digital Twin
  • Qualifying criteria for Digital Twins
  • Steps to realise a Digital Twin

Is the time not suitable for you? Then register anyway. If you do not participate, we will send you the recording and presentation afterwards.



Jules Oudmans - Director Consultancy - UReason

Jules Oudmans - Director Consultancy

Jules Oudmans is one of the co-founders of UReason. He is a seasoned professional active in the field of operational intelligence and real-time analytics. He has set vision and supported early adaptors and co-visionaries in Oil & Gas, Petro(chemical), Utilities, Pulp & Paper, Defense and Telecom industries at companies such as Halliburton, BP, Motorola, Siemens, Shell, Cargill, Lyondell and BG/Transco.

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