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UReason - New logo and slogan - Intelligence to act
News 12/01/2020

UReason’s New Logo

Our new logo illustrates the capabilities of UReason and shows how our APM software empowers the user to handle the data in an intelligent way.

Field level automation pyramid
Infographic 11/26/2020

Automation Pyramid: Field Level Infographic

There is a great variety of manufacturers that produce measuring and control instruments or assets that do the physical work in a factory. Check out this infographic, featuring the leading manufacturers of the devices that can be found at the field l

UReason is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management
News 11/24/2020

UReason Joins the Institute of Asset Management

UReason will be collaborating with the Institute of Asset Management and other affiliate member organisations to diffuse asset management knowledge and best practice among organisations and society.

UReason en MaxGrip uit hoe Predictive maintenance de prestaties van de onderhoudsorganisatie (blijvend) kan verbeteren.
Webinar 11/23/2020

Voorspellend onderhoud: hoe krijg je je organisatie mee?

UReason en MaxGrip uit hoe Predictive maintenance de prestaties van de onderhoudsorganisatie kan verbeteren.

UReason and Viqtor Davis discussed AI embedded in your devices for diagnosing and preventing problems
Webinar 11/12/2020

FHI Data Science online meeting

During this online meeting, experts from UReason and Viqtor Davis discussed the use of data science, AI in industry, laboratories, and healthcare.

Dashboards that visualise asset data and key performance indicators to maintain control of assets and processes
Webinar 10/27/2020

Creating Asset Insights in Minutes

We show you how to create meaningful dashboards that visualise asset information and key performance indicators (or KPIs) in minutes. You will learn the main Asset Performance Management related tips and tricks in quickly optimising your dashboard.

Graph showing the maintenance maturity levels, condition based maintenance, predictive maintenance, prescriptive maintenance, digital twins
Article 10/12/2020

Article Series: Predictive Maintenance Project Phases

This article series is a guide to assist you from getting the first idea to adopt PdM technologies to the actual implementation and maintaining such solutions.

Engineers discussing how to make their maintenance more predictable
News 10/06/2020

Predictive maintenance: From theory to practice

Evi Husson from PT Industrieel Management interviews UReason’s Jules Oudmans on the use of data from production processes, how to combine this with machine learning and gain insights into predictive maintenance.

Engineer in a plant streaming asset data to detect issues early and improve asset integrity
Webinar 10/05/2020

Using Streaming Data from your Assets to Prevent Outages

Streaming data holds the potential to unlock more value from your process and assets. We will show actionable examples of how you can use the streaming data available from your assets to prevent unplanned downtime.