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Soft Sensors used to monitor critical assets and processes
Webinar 05/05/2021

Using Soft Sensors to Monitor Critical Process Measurements

UReason uses Soft Sensors quite often in applications and solutions that are co-developed with our customers. In this webinar we would like to share our knowledge on using Soft Sensors successfully.

Dataset 05/05/2021

Data Sets on the Xcaliber Flow Loop at the Flow Center of Excellence

In cooperation with Flow Center of Excellence we created a new dataset on the XCaliber flow loop. This dataset provides readings from a wide array of instruments and actuators available on the XCaliber flow Loop.

Industrial plant for predictive maintenance with APM studio
Webinar 04/30/2021

Risiken von Maschinen und Prozessen in Echtzeit beurteilen

Aus verfügbaren FME(C)As lassen sich Anwendungen entwickeln, die in Echtzeit Maschinen, Prozesse und ganze Anlagen überwachen. Wie? Das stellen wir in diesem Webinar gut verständlich vor.

Soft Sensors used to monitor critical assets and processes
Article 04/09/2021

Monitoring Critical Process Measurements Using Soft Sensors

This article will provide you with an overview of what is meant by “Soft sensors” and how they can help monitor your critical process measurements.

Control level - automation pyramid
Infographic 03/17/2021

Automation Pyramid: Control Level Infographic

This infographic shows part of the second level of the automation pyramid, also known as the control level, where PLCs provide local control and where Edge computing is typically located in virtual or physical form.

AI, Cloud and Edge Technologies enabling data-driven maintenance
Webinar 03/10/2021

Edge Computing: Why Should You Care?

Edge computing is valuable for both Asset Owners and Equipment Manufacturers to realise Asset Performance Management solutions and applications. We explain what Edge computing is and how it can help you in your Asset Performance Management programs.

UReason partners with Ultimo to extend connectivity to more ERP, EAM and CMMS vendors
News 03/02/2021

UReason Partners with Ultimo

To extend our connectivity to more ERP, EAM and CMMS vendors, UReason recently signed a partner contract with Ultimo.

Maintenance Manager working in an organization with a (data-driven) maintenance maturity of Level 5
Article 02/26/2021

Roadmap to PdM: A checklist

A roadmap to successfully implementing PdM.

Manager building a business case to implementing Predictive Maintenance
Article 02/24/2021

Business Case Building for Predictive Maintenance Projects

Building a business case is both a financial and strategic task. Find here some strategic, analytical steps to determine how PdM can align with the value drivers that are important for your organization and reduce operational risk.