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Situational Awareness
Article 03/13/2019

How to Improve Situational Awareness Part 1

An information overload on alarm generation of assets does not allow operators to take timely and appropriate responses. Consequential alarm/event analysis help to greatly reduce irrelevant alarms.

Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions
Article 01/08/2019

Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions

Strategic and Operational intelligence demands new tools and solutions using better analytics, especially connecting Machine Learning (ML) techniques on live event and data streams to enable Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics.

Engineer in a plant streaming asset data to detect issues early and improve asset integrity
Article 11/22/2018

Starting an CBM/PdM Project – Key Learnings

This post describes key learnings that we have experienced at UReason in various CBM/PdM endeavours; they are centered around: Process, Ambition and Leadership & Support

Industrial Internet of Things
Article 08/05/2018

IIoT Communication Readiness – What You Need to Know

The communication layer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is responsible for relaying sensor values from the field to northbound processing of this data and the southbound control.

Predictive Maintenance ohne Buzzwords
Article 07/26/2018

The Industrial Internet of Things – Hype or Reality?

IIoT is IoT technology mixed with machine learning, (big-)data and stream processing of data and events. The objective to improve operational efficiency which can be reduction of waste, energy usage, extending assets remaining useful lifetime etc.

Event Stream Processing
Article 03/19/2018

Event Stream Processing or Complex Event Processing?

Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) are very often used to describe the same. What is the difference?