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Smoothening condition based maintenance
Article 06/30/2021

Smoothening your Predictions with Splines

This article deals with a frequently occurring problem with pumps – sudden drops in the flow rate.

Graph showing real-time data being monitored from industrial machines
Article 06/29/2021

Open Source Data?!

We have published a number of datasets that we generated together with Flow Center of Excellence. Next to these there are some good resources available if you want to learn how to apply (advanced) analytics on data for a CBM/PdM project.

UReason and Ultimo work together to create value for the end-user
Article 06/24/2021

Ultimo and UReason Close the Loop From Asset Data to Automatic Work Order Generation

Enterprise Asset Management platform provider Ultimo and Asset Performance Management software provider UReason have integrated functionalities to provide real-time asset condition monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities.

Predictive Model Markup Language
Article 06/10/2021

PMML: What Is It and Why Should You Care About It?

Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) provides a way for analytic applications to describe and exchange predictive models produced by data mining and machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Soft Sensors used to monitor critical assets and processes
Article 04/09/2021

Monitoring Critical Process Measurements Using Soft Sensors

This article will provide you with an overview of what is meant by “Soft sensors” and how they can help monitor your critical process measurements.

Maintenance Manager working in an organization with a (data-driven) maintenance maturity of Level 5
Article 02/26/2021

Roadmap to PdM: A checklist

A roadmap to successfully implementing PdM.

Manager building a business case to implementing Predictive Maintenance
Article 02/24/2021

Article Series: Business Case Building for Predictive Maintenance Projects

Building a business case is both a financial and strategic task. Find here some strategic, analytical steps to determine how PdM can align with the value drivers that are important for your organization and reduce operational risk.

Graph showing the maintenance maturity levels, condition based maintenance, predictive maintenance, prescriptive maintenance, digital twins
Article 10/12/2020

Article Series: Predictive Maintenance Project Phases

This article series is a guide to assist you from getting the first idea to adopt PdM technologies to the actual implementation and maintaining such solutions.

Article 06/17/2020

Asset Performance Management: Explanation and Benefits

Industrial organisations mainly benefit from Asset Performance Management solutions by improved product offering, decreased asset downtime, increased asset availability and lower maintenance costs.