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Old industrial oil refinery factory
Article 07/21/2022

Digitization and Asset Management in a Brownfield Plant

This article discusses the Problems of Aging Plants, what to do with multiple generations of systems and assets and how to get to Industry 4.0.

Automated production line with Robot Arms
Blog 07/13/2022

Agility and Industry 4.0

There is a growing demand for agility in the manufacturing and process industries. Factors include increased profitability, climate change, worker shortages, etc. Industry 4.0 is a solution to maintain profitability and agility in times like this.

Technician walking through offshore oil and gas process
Blog 07/07/2022

Regulation and Risk

Regulation for asset owners is increasing, and so is risk. Regulation is a significant part of risk management, and risk mitigation. If thought of properly, regulation can drive increased production, increased profit and more uptime.

Blog 06/30/2022

Old and Getting Older

Close to 20% of assets in manufacturing and process industries world-wide are at or near their end-of-life stage, leading to increased operational risks. However, with APM solutions, risks and problems caused by aging assets are minimized.

Webinar 06/21/2022

Dashboard ist nicht Industrie 4.0

Wir stellen Ihnen 3 bewährten Möglichkeiten vor, Informationen von intelligenten Maschinen nahtlos in die Arbeitsprozesse zu integrierten. Dashboards, die vor 10 Jahren noch als Innovation bestaunt wurden, sind dafür denkbar ungeeignet.

Blog 06/16/2022

The Perfect Storm

There is an aging workforce in the manufacturing and process industries. Now, it is nearly impossible to operate manufacturing or process industry assets without automation, and the people who built it and have operated it for years are aging off.

Engineer monitoring asset
Webinar 06/08/2022

How Do You Reduce Time Spent on Maintenance?

In this webinar, we will have a look at what maintenance tasks are possible to automate and how this can make your business more attractive for your existing and new hires.

Article 06/02/2022

UReason bundles APM Studio with Balluff’s Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK)

UReason announced that it has bundled its APM Studio Real-time Analytics Software for Machines and Processes with the Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) from Balluff.

KUKA und UReason. Produktion im mannlosen Betrieb um 10% gesteigert
Case Study 06/01/2022

UReason Supports KUKA Towards More Autonomous Production

UReason's APM Studio solution provides KUKA production insights and enables them to achieve higher production outputs and efficiency while also minimizing downtime, especially during unmanned production.