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UReason - New logo and slogan - Intelligence to act
News 12/01/2020

UReason’s New Logo

Our new logo illustrates the capabilities of UReason and shows how our APM software empowers the user to handle the data in an intelligent way.

Maintenance maturity levels
Article 10/12/2020

Article Series: Predictive Maintenance project phases

This article series is a guide to assist you from getting the first idea to adopt PdM technologies to the actual implementation and maintaining such solutions.

Article 06/17/2020

Asset Performance Management: Explanation and Benefits

Industrial organisations mainly benefit from Asset Performance Management solutions by improved product offering, decreased asset downtime, increased asset availability and lower maintenance costs.

Asset Integrity in high voltage towers
Webinar 05/19/2020

How to Ensure Asset Integrity in the Energy Sector

Asset failure is harmful. However, in the Energy sector, it is especially damaging; both for companies and consumers. Learn what are the major challenges companies face and how APM solutions can help to mitigate them.

UReason partners with Balluff in the field of condition based, predictive and prescriptive maintenance.
News 05/13/2020

Partnership Announcement | UReason & Balluff

UReason and Balluff Netherlands have decided to join forces with a partnership in the field of condition based, predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

Why invest in predictive maintenance
Article 02/25/2020

Invest in Predictive Maintenance? Benefits and risks of investing in PdM

The purpose of Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMP) is to prevent and/or reduce unscheduled outage of equipment. The direct business benefits are in reduced maintenance costs, maintenance time spent and number of breakdowns.

News 01/27/2020

UReason joins the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

UReason has officially joined the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance! We are looking forward to contributing to Open Industry 4.0 and making the integration easier for both Machine Builders and Industrial Companies.

Predictive Maintenance ohne Buzzwords
Article 07/26/2018

The Industrial Internet of Things – Hype or Reality?

IIoT is IoT technology mixed with machine learning, (big-)data and stream processing of data and events. The objective to improve operational efficiency which can be reduction of waste, energy usage, extending assets remaining useful lifetime etc.