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Webinar 05/10/2022

PLCnext Store – Pump Health Monitoring with APM Studio

The new APM Studio pump health monitor function extension enables an out-of-the-box solution for pump condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and alarm management. In this webinar we will run you through the initial setup of the app.

Webinar 04/27/2022

Industrie 4.0 – Keine Daten? Kein Problem!

In 20 Minute erklären wir, warum „Smart Data“ besser sind als „Big Data“ und wie man ohne Daten in 3 Monaten robuste Algorithmen entwickeln kann.

Digitization, servitization, digital services, digital transformation of robots in industry 4.0.
Webinar 04/26/2022

Digitization – Doing it Together?!

In this short, 20 minute, webinar, we will share our experiences - what works and does not work - and our approach to servitization based on experiences in process industry, maritime and intra-logistics.

Digital twin of a centrifugal pump in APM Studio showing the real-time pressure and flow of the asset
Webinar 03/28/2022

Insights in minutes in der Praxis: Digital Twins

In genau 20 Minuten erklären wir anhand von 3 Projekten, was Digital Twins sind, wie diese Technologie in der Praxis eingesetzt wird und was man in der Zukunft erwarten kan.

Digital services OEMs
Webinar 03/10/2022

Wie entwickeln Maschinenbauer und OEMs data driven Services?

UReason unterstützt Maschinenbauer und OEMs bei der Entwicklung der neuen digitalen Services. In diesem Webinar haben wir unsere Erfahrung aus diesen Projekten zusammengefasst.

Edge computing which enables you to perform real-time analysis on the asset data near the assets
Webinar 03/02/2022

Edge Computing: Why Should You Care?

We provide an overview of Edge computing: what is it and how can it help you in your Asset Performance Management programs.

Maschinenbauer und Komponentenhersteller entwickeln digitale Services
Webinar 02/23/2022

Digitale Services entwickeln – Blaupause für Maschinenbauer

UReason unterstützt Maschinenbauer und Komponentenhersteller bei der Entwicklung der neuen digitalen Services. In diesem Webinar haben wir unsere Erfahrung aus diesen Projekten zusammengefasst.

Webinar 02/08/2022

How Smart Machines Reduce Maintenance Costs, Energy Usage and Outages?

UReason, FOCUS-ON, and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance present how a smart valve, the FOCUS-1, allows you to avoid unexpected failures and painful downtime and reduce energy consumption.

Asset data collected in process historians such as OSISoft PI, Aspentech IP21, Yokogawa Exaquantum, Wonderware Historian
Webinar 01/19/2022

How to Turn Data from your Process Historian into Value

We show how you can use the data in your process historians (OSISoft PI, Aspentech IP21, Yokogawa Exaquantum, Wonderware Historian etc) to identify asset issues and prevent inefficiencies and unplanned downtime.