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Structure of the BowTie method, a barrier risk model available to assist in risk identification and management
Webinar 09/13/2021

The Power of Bow Ties

We provide instructions on how to turn your existing FME(C)A and failure models into real-time cause consequence models.

Manager building a business case to implementing Predictive Maintenance
Webinar 09/06/2021

Wie berechnen Anlagenbetreiber Business Cases für Data Driven Services?

Bringt es mehr als das es kostet? Das ist letztendlich die entscheidende Frage, wenn es um die Auswahl und Einführung von neuen Tools wie z.B. Predictive Maintenance oder Virtuelle Sensoren geht.

Digital Twin of a pump enabling data driven maintenance
Webinar 08/18/2021

Digital Twins for Data Driven Maintenance?

In this webinar we explain what Digital Twins are and how you can apply Digital Twins in the world of Data Driven Maintenance.

Automation with Cobots
Event 08/09/2021

Automation with Cobots!

On Friday, September 10,  2021, the TechnoHUB will again organise a new inspiring afternoon in which you can get to know cobots in more detail.

Predictive analytics in industry 4.0 and digitalization
Webinar 07/26/2021

Wie Daten die Instandhaltung planbarer machen?

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir, wie führende Unternehmen Predictive Analytics-Technologien pilotieren und implementieren.

Machine learning models and algorithms in maintenance
Webinar 07/13/2021

Analytical and Machine Learning Models on Live Streaming Data

In this webinar we will look at how you can deploy machine learning models that recognise asset and process degradations or failures early and how to connect and deploy these machine learning models to streaming data.

Edge Computing und die Vorteile, Open Industry 4.0
Webinar 07/07/2021

Was bedeuten Edge Computer für die Wartung und Instandhaltung?

In diesem Webinar beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Thema Edge Computer und damit, wie Edge Anwendungen für die Optimierung von Wartung, Instandhaltung und das Asset Management genutzt werden.

Engineers searching how to implement condition-based and predictive maintenance solutions in an organization
Webinar 07/01/2021

Webinar: Technology, Processes and Organization: kickstart your asset performance improvements

UReason, MaxGrip and Ultimo combined their expertise to bring you this webinar about getting results in asset performance through technology, processes and the organization.

Technohub workshop. Data exploration and analytics of the XCaliber Flow Loop
Event 06/25/2021

Hands-on Workshop: Data Analytics

We take you through a number of practical case studies in various domains, where the analysis of data has led to improvements in processes and systems.