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Predictive Maintenance ohne Buzzwords
Webinar 11/29/2021

Predictive Maintenance ohne Buzzwords!

Predictive Maintenance ohne KI lässt sich mit sogenannten Ursache-Folge-Modellen realisieren. Diese Modelle werden mit Prozess-, Maschinen- oder Sensordaten verknüpft und ermöglichen so eine Überwachung in Echtzeit.

Technohub data analytics workshop
Event 11/23/2021

Workshop – Data Exploration and Analytics

In this 2 hour workshop, we will do a hands-on exploration and analysis of the data from a steam turbine that produces energy for households and industry.

Smitzh OI4 Demonstrator at the Flow Center of Excellence in Dordrecht
Article 11/22/2021

SMITZH ‘OI4 Demonstrator’ Project

The demonstrator show how device data, diagnostics and prognostics can be communicated effectively and efficiently through the information pyramid.

Webinar 11/18/2021

4 Secrets to Make Smart Devices Work Successfully in Industry

Learn how UReason’s APM Studio (embedded in the software heart of the device) provides the diagnostic, prognostic and advanced control functions to the FOCUS-1 customers allowing them to ‘cruise’ in the most optimal way.

Predictive maintenance on a robotic arm
Webinar 11/09/2021

The Myth of Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) with data, new sensors and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing maintenance … or is it? Why is everyone talking about it, but you can hardly find any operational use cases?

Daten nutzen kann, um Arbeitsprozess in der Instandhaltung zu automatisieren.
Webinar 11/01/2021

Wie schließt man die „Lücke“ zwischen den Sensordaten und der Instandhaltung?

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir anhand von Beispielen aus der Praxis, wie man Daten nutzen kann, um Arbeitsprozess in der Instandhaltung zu automatisieren.

FAQ Data science
Article 10/25/2021

FAQ Data Science for predictive maintenance

Find some of the most frequently asked questions that we get related to data science.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology platform PTC ThingWorx
Article 10/19/2021

APM Studio Integrated With PTC ThingWorx

UReason’s APM Studio integration to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology platform PTC ThingWorx allows you to provide real-time asset condition monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities on your asset base.

Historical and real-time asset data used to make maintenance more predictable
Event 10/08/2021

Workshop – Data Exploration and Analytics

We show you how to get from raw data to valuable insights with the help of commonly used data analytics tools, which include python and jupyter notebooks.