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Soft Sensors used to monitor critical assets and processes
Article 04/09/2021

Monitoring Critical Process Measurements using Soft Sensors

This article will provide you with an overview of what is meant by “Soft sensors” and how they can help monitor your critical process measurements.

Control level - automation pyramid
Infographic 03/17/2021

Automation pyramid: Control Level Infographic

This infographic shows part of the second level of the automation pyramid, also known as the control level, where PLCs provide local control and where Edge computing is typically located in virtual or physical form.

UReason partners with Ultimo to extend connectivity to more ERP, EAM and CMMS vendors
News 03/02/2021

UReason partners with Ultimo

To extend our connectivity to more ERP, EAM and CMMS vendors, UReason recently signed a partner contract with Ultimo.

Manager building a business case to implementing Predictive Maintenance
Article 02/24/2021

Article Series: Business case building for predictive maintenance projects

Building a business case is both a financial and strategic task. Find here some strategic, analytical steps to determine how PdM can align with the value drivers that are important for your organization and reduce operational risk.

News 12/17/2020

PPA January 2021 with Endress + Hauser

UReason and Endress+Hauser talked about how a smart plant can be created, based on the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) concept, and real-time asset degradation and forecasting model processing is done by Asset Performance Management software APM Studio

OI4 Demonstrator composed by devices, instrumentation and sensors from different vendors at the Flow Center of Excellence in Dordrecht
News 12/08/2020

Technohub Initiative

In cooperation with Krohne Altometer, Focus-On, Valk Welding, Damen Shipyards, Systems Navigator, Fieldlab Duurzaamheidsfabriek, ROC DaVinci College and HBO Drechtsteden, UReason will develop Master classes and Workshops as part of Technohub.

UReason - New logo and slogan - Intelligence to act
News 12/01/2020

UReason’s New Logo

Our new logo illustrates the capabilities of UReason and shows how our APM software empowers the user to handle the data in an intelligent way.

Field level automation pyramid
Infographic 11/26/2020

Automation pyramid: Field Level Infographic

There is a great variety of manufacturers that produce measuring and control instruments or assets that do the physical work in a factory. Check out this infographic, featuring the leading manufacturers of the devices that can be found at the field l

UReason is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management
News 11/24/2020

UReason joins the Institute of Asset Management

UReason will be collaborating with the Institute of Asset Management and other affiliate member organisations to diffuse asset management knowledge and best practice among organisations and society.