Joint webinar by UReason and Phoenix Contact (Free, in English)

PLCnext Store – Pump Health Monitoring with APM Studio

Date: 19/05/2022       Time: 15:00-15:30 (CEST)         Location: Online
Phoenix Contact and UReason

APM Studio in the PLCnext Store!

The new APM Studio pump health monitor function extension enables an out-of-the-box solution for pump condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and alarm management. It can be downloaded via the PLCnext Store and installed and used directly on your PLC. In this webinar we will run you through the handling of PLCnext Store and the initial setup of the app.


  • Introduction to the PLCnext Technology ecosystem
  • Short introduction UReason
  • Presentation of the APM Studio app by UReason
  • PLCnext Store handling and app usage
  • FAQ



Bram Bloks - Solutions Engineer (UReason)

Bram Bloks is Solutions Engineer for Operational Intelligence at UReason. He helps enterprises set up full-scale data-driven applications, including services that integrate machine learning and smart algorithms to optimize their business and technical processes plus workflows. Companies he has helped include Witteveen+Bos, Sweco, Aviko, Zenith Energy, Vanderlande and the Dutch National Police.

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Daniel Buschatsky - Application Engineer (Phoenix Contact)

Daniel Buschatzky is technology manager for the automation system PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact. As product owner for the PLCnext Store, he coordinates the functional development and strategy direction of the platform.

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