Roadmap to PdM: A checklist

A roadmap to successfully implementing PdM

Maintenance Manager working in an organization with a (data-driven) maintenance maturity of Level 5

Best Practices as a Checklist

Adopting Predictive Maintenance into your organisation is no small feat. Apart from the time and capital investment, organisational structure within the organisation must also adapt to accommodate the changes that come with adopting a PdM project.

Artur Loorpuu, a graduate of the Management of Technology Master’s programme at the Delft University of Technology, wrote a  thesis titled “Adoption of AI Based Predictive Maintenance Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry”. A chapter dedicated to the best practices towards adopting PdM outlines how to support your organisation in adopting this novel technology. As part of this chapter, Loorpuu created a visual infographic to better illustrate the best practices checklist. Feel free to download the infographic to see the details.

Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance Infographic 1
Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance Infographic 2
Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance Infographic 3
Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance Infographic 4
Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance Infographic 5

Illustrating barriers and best practices in each phase of implementation will create higher awareness about what is needed for implementation and what to potentially expect, allowing to prepare problem mitigation plans beforehand. Having a better understanding and awareness about PdM technology allows preventing a lot of complications that could wrong without the proper knowledge.

For a more in-depth explanation of the best tried and tested methods, look at the chapter aptly titled “Developed Best Practices Checklist on the Road to PdM”.

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