UReason attended the DIAM & DDM Fair in Bochum

The DIAM & DDM trade fair in Germany happens every two years in Bochum, focusing on industrial valves, sealing, drive, and plant technology. It’s a key event for professionals in the industrial valve sector, providing a platform for discussions, learning, and showcasing new technologies. The fair stands out for its practical approach, letting industry insiders explore the latest innovations and solutions in specialized technical fields. The diverse program includes technical presentations and hands-on workshops by experts, promoting discussions on current trends and best practices.

UReason recently participated in the DIAM & DDM Fair, and our colleague, Jules Oudmans, enjoyed the spotlight on control valves and sealing technology. The fair not only displays the newest industrial valves and technologies but also supports networking, technical assistance, and business development. The event’s location at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum gives it a historical and industrial feel, underlining the region’s industrial tradition. Overall, DIAM & DDM offers a comprehensive industry experience, making a significant impact on the region and the industry.

AUMA Group’s presentation at the fair stood out in the digitalization area, showcasing advancements in field services that help manufacturers achieve autonomy. The fair reflects the industry’s commitment to innovation and efficiency through the integration of digital technologies in industrial processes. It serves as a meeting point for key players like AUMA Group, emphasizing its role in driving technological progress in the industrial valve and sealing sectors.

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