Data Sets on the Xcaliber Flow Loop at the Flow Center of Excellence

In cooperation with Flow Center of Excellence we created a new dataset on the XCaliber flow loop. This dataset provides readings from a wide array of instruments and actuators available on the XCaliber flow Loop at the Flow Center of Excellence in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

The dataset contains various intervals (approximately after 3 minutes) where the air is introduced to the system, just before Flow Transmitter-211, and temporarily captured around Flow Transmitter-211.

The dataset, like the others, is a time-series recorded from the Schneider SCADA system of XCaliber using APM-Studio. This can be used for the development of prognostic algorithms and exploratory analysis.

The Data Sets (Published)

These data sets are licensed under the Community Data License Agreement – Permissive, Version 1.0 (CDLA-Permissive-1.0): they can and may be used by industry, research and/or educational institutions for the analysis of a ‘real life’ process installation.

UReason Public Data Set 01                                  Data Set 01 – September 2020

UReason Public Data Set 02                                 Data Set 02 – September 2020

UReason Public Data Set 03                                 Data Set 03 – September 2020

UReason Public Data Set 04                                  Data Set 04 – September 2020

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