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Maintenance Manager working in an organization with a (data-driven) maintenance maturity of Level 5
Article 02/26/2021

Roadmap to PdM: A checklist

UReason partners with Balluff in the field of condition based, predictive and prescriptive maintenance.
News 05/13/2020

Partnership Announcement | UReason & Balluff

Engineers discussing how to make their maintenance more predictable
News 10/06/2020

Predictive maintenance: From theory to practice

UReason partners with Ultimo to extend connectivity to more ERP, EAM and CMMS vendors
News 03/02/2021

UReason Partners with Ultimo

Engineer in a plant streaming asset data to detect issues early and improve asset integrity
Article 11/22/2018

Starting an CBM/PdM Project – Key Learnings

Digital twin of a centrifugal pump showing the real-time pressure and flow
Article 06/25/2019

Big Data in Small Places – 5 Ways your Pumps and Valves Can Save you Millions

Infographic of the fourth industrial revolution. Inneficient equipment can increase costs up to 60%. Predictive maintenance can save up to 60% costs.
Article 07/25/2019

Three Myths About Manufacturing in the Times of Big Data and AI

Graph showing the maintenance maturity levels, condition based maintenance, predictive maintenance, prescriptive maintenance, digital twins
Article 10/12/2020

Article Series: Predictive Maintenance Project Phases

OI4 Demonstrator composed by devices, instrumentation and sensors from different vendors at the Flow Center of Excellence in Dordrecht
News 12/08/2020

Technohub Initiative