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Our latest case studys

engineer checking factory assets
Case Study 08/18/2022

Predictive Maintenance: Drinking Water Company Vitens Shares Learnings

Increasing asset integrity and reducing maintenance costs in the Food and Beverage industry
Webinar 09/01/2020

Ensuring Asset Integrity in the Food and Beverage Industry

Engineer using APM Studio for the maintenance of equipment in a powerhouse
Webinar 06/30/2020

The Power of Bow Ties

Gears being real-time monitored to avid mechanical failures
Webinar 06/16/2020

Asset Performance Management on Rotating Assets

Industrial plant for predictive maintenance with APM studio
Webinar 04/30/2021

Risiken von Maschinen und Prozessen in Echtzeit beurteilen

Asset Integrity in high voltage towers
Webinar 05/19/2020

How to Ensure Asset Integrity in the Energy Sector

Machine learning models and algorithms in maintenance
Webinar 07/13/2021

Analytical and Machine Learning Models on Live Streaming Data

Article 07/01/2021

Understanding Time Series: ARMA – Auto Regressive Moving Average