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Old industrial oil refinery factory
Article 07/21/2022

Digitization and Asset Management in a Brownfield Plant

Engineer in a plant streaming asset data to detect issues early and improve asset integrity
Webinar 10/05/2020

Using Streaming Data from your Assets to Prevent Outages

Gears being real-time monitored to avid mechanical failures
Webinar 06/16/2020

Asset Performance Management on Rotating Assets

Predictive analytics in industry 4.0 and digitalization
Webinar 07/26/2021

Wie Daten die Instandhaltung planbarer machen?

Digital Twin of a pump enabling data driven maintenance
Webinar 08/18/2021

Digital Twins for Data Driven Maintenance?

Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions
Article 01/08/2019

Citizen Data Science – a Driver for Better IoT and CEP Solutions

Digital twin of a centrifugal pump showing the real-time pressure and flow
Article 06/25/2019

Big Data in Small Places – 5 Ways your Pumps and Valves Can Save you Millions

Infographic of the fourth industrial revolution. Inneficient equipment can increase costs up to 60%. Predictive maintenance can save up to 60% costs.
Article 07/25/2019

Three Myths About Manufacturing in the Times of Big Data and AI

OI4 Demonstrator composed by devices, instrumentation and sensors from different vendors at the Flow Center of Excellence in Dordrecht
News 12/08/2020

Technohub Initiative